Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Good News For An Alaska Client

Got a nice email today from a client in Alaska. We had helped them appeal a recent change in Workers Comp classification code that had been made by NCCI. The change in classification resulted in a a tend-fold increase in rates and premium, an increase so severe that it threatened the continued viability of the business.

Our review found that the classification assigned by NCCI was incorrect and excessive, given the actual nature of the work done by the client's workers, and so we wrote a detailed report explaining why a much less expensive class was really the correct and appropriate one. We also provided testimony via phone at the appeal hearing. And ultimately the appeal board in Alaska agreed and overruled NCCI, assigning the much less expensive classification we had advocated for.

It's always gratifying when our efforts can make a difference and help a business avoid being crushed by excessive Workers Compensation insurance premiums.

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