Monday, April 27, 2009

Our South Carolina Project

Our new South Carolina recovery project is going great guns. This is a followup to a study we performed a couple of years ago, where we found that significant percentages of employers in South Carolina had not received the experience modifier adjustments they were due over Second Injury Fund reimbursements their Workers Comp insurers had received. We're finding significant recoveries for South Carolina employers so far, and this project is just in it's early stages.

Interested South Carolina employers can learn more about this project at, by the way, or by calling 800-288-9256 and choosing extension 6.

You can also read the original report we published here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The New Book

The new updated book is done, at last. It took longer than I thought it would, but Workers Compensation Insurance: A Field Guide for Employers & Others is now complete. It's a revised and updated version of my earlier book, Ultimate Guide to Workers Compensation, which went out of print earlier this year. The publisher of Ultimate Guide wasn't interested in publlishing an updated edition, so we took it on ourserlves (along with Amazon's BookSurge publishing arm.)

The actual book version will be available shortly from Amazon, but the new book is available now as a CD-ROM or pdf via email at

I saw reports that folks were offering their used copies of Ultimate Guide online for over $100! Sorry to deflate that market, but the new updated publication is available for a lot less than that now. So if you liked Ultimate Guide, or the even earlier (1995) book CompControl, I think you'll love Field Guide.

The new book updates a lot of the information from Ultimate Guide, and adds some expanded new material as well. So if you need a book that can help you learn to control your Workers Compensation premiums, the Field Guide is for you.