Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Very Rewarding New Case

We just finished a case that I wanted to share, as it illustrates a number of aspects of our unique business. A while ago, we had a contractor just show up at our door unannounced. He had gotten a large bill for additional premium due to an audit, he had found us on the internet, and rather than call he decided to just stop by.

His policy had been for minimum premium when it had been issued, around $1,000.00.  But the audit had now billed him for an additional $40,000.00  He made it clear to us that he could not pay this bill, and that unless we could somehow help he would be closing down his small business.

Fortunately, my son (and business partner) discovered that the audit premium was based upon a misunderstanding by the auditor about an independent contractor that had been used by our client.  This delivery person had not been working for our client, but rather was working for the materials supply company that our client purchased materials from. But that materials company had insisted our client use this delivery person, and pay him separately.  So when the auditor reviewed the books, he thought this delivery person had been someone who should be charged to our client's policy.

We were able to get documentation sufficient to clarify the true relationship, and that the materials dealer had its own policy--enough to get the insurer to reverse the $40,000 charge.

We didn't make a lot of money off this case, just a modest hourly fee, but the satisfaction derived from keeping a small business alive--that was immense.