Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Backlog at NCCI?

We've been doing a lot of work getting experience modifiers corrected for clients who were victimized by the failure of their insurers to properly report Second Injury Fund reimbursements to NCCI. (NCCI is the National Council on Compensation Insurance, the rating bureau that calculates experience modification factors for employers in many states.) We've been doing so much work on this, in fact, that we are now being told by several insurers that there is a bit of a backlog at NCCI in getting modifiers fixed.

Several insurers are independently informing us that they have now sent in (several times in fact) the corrected loss data for our clients, but NCCI appears to be losing the data. This is consistent with a problem we've observed in the past, where NCCI misplaces authorization letters we have faxed in to them.

We're going to try to work with appropriate NCCI personnel (who have been very, very cooperative in fixing this overall problem in the past) to try to address this logjam problem. For those clients of ours out there who are awaiting revised experience modifiers, please try to be patient while we try to sort this all out. As is often the case, correcting these problems is turning out to be a slower process than identifying the problem in the first place.