Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Big Win For a California Client

 We've just received word that we have been successful in drastically reducing the Workers 
Comp audit bill for a California client. This small business specialized in providing life skills training for developmentally disabled adults, and they had been threatened with financial extinction by a bill for around $450,000.00 from the State Compensation Insurance Fund.

Our review found that this huge bill was based on using the wrong Workers Comp classification for this biz, and thus the wrong rate. And this wrong class was around ten times higher than the correct one.

We were able to get the correct lower rate approved for these folks and now the bill has been reduced to a much more manageable $44,000.00.

It's always gratifying when our efforts help save a small business from a ruinous bill, but it's especially so when the client is providing such an important and needed service.

On this case, my son and business partner Scott Priz handled the majority of the work, although I was involved, too, in some important aspects. So it was a team effort that helped produce this very happy ending for our client.

And just in time for the holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Successful Result for Georgia Small Contractor Regarding Workers Comp Audits

 I recently got word that we had made a huge difference for a small Georgia contractor. Based on our presentation to the Georgia Workers Compensation Appeal Board, the audited premium amounts claimed by Travelers insurance were drastically reduced. The appeal board agreed that the insurer had used incorrect classifications and rates and also had used incorrect payroll amounts, computing the $700,000 premium charges the Onwardsought.

The corrections should reduce the premiums by more than half, and help keep this Atlanta small business operational.

We love helping small businesses dispute improper and excessive Workers Compensation insurance bills, and Georgia of late has seen a number of such cases finding their way to us. Onward to the next one!