Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Responsibility: What's Your Policy

God, one thing you have to say about Workers Comp insurance companies: they got....errr, chutzpah. As illustrated by a current case of mine, where a very well known insurance company whose ads you see all over television sold a Workers Comp policy to a company with an effective rate of $0.48 per hundred dollars of payroll but more than three months after the policy ended, changed things so the effective rate for the audit was $3.39 per hundred dollars of payroll. And when the insured screamed and cancelled the renewal policy, that same insurance company made the same changes to that policy, plus added in lots of "audit non-compliance charges" (even in California, where that's not really a thing) so that the effective rate for that policy became $6.74 per hundred dollars of payroll. Christ, sure wish I could run my business like that. Needless to say, this particular dispute is far, far from over.

Oh, and the title of this little post? That's this insurer's corporate slogan.

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