Friday, March 31, 2017

Keep Up the Bad Work, I Guess..

Just talked by phone to an old friend that I used to work with at another shop, where we had started this whole premium review and recovery thing back in the early 1980s. His shop, which is part of a larger insurance agency, no longer does this kind of work but he keeps his eyes and ears open, and he mentioned that he hears a lot of field auditors nowadays are under such tight time constraints when doing premium audits that they can't really do some audits properly, which can be another source for erroneous overcharges. As I often like to say, the insurance industry sometimes seems to be concerned about whether or not we have enough work around here. And they appear determined to make sure we never run out of desperate employers who are being put through the wringer over a Shock Audit.

It shouldn't be that way. As I like to say, in a perfect world I shouldn't be able to make my living fixing all these mistakes by insurance companies. But it's not a perfect world. And I truly enjoy my work.

So I guess I can only say, "Keep up the bad work, guys," and soldier on, catching and correcting the mistakes insurance companies make when calculating Workers Comp premiums for employers.

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