Tuesday, March 1, 2011

$15,000 Refund For a Waste Hauler

Here's a quick case study from our recent files. We successfully recovered an overcharge of $15,000 for a waste hauler in Lexington, South Carolina. The overcharge had been caused by the failure of their insurer to properly report to NCCI some significant reimbursements the insurer had received from the Second Injury Fund. Under the rules, the insurer should have filed corrected reports with NCCI, so that the experience modifier for the waste hauler could be revised down. But as we often see, the insurer failed to file proper corrected reports. Until we got involved, that is.

We had to bug the insurer to file the corrected reports, then follow up with NCCI to make sure the experience modifiers were recalculated, and then finally we had to work with subsequent insurers of the waste haulers to get audits revised to use the now-lower experience mods.

Sad to say, this is far from an isolated case.

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