Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Small Business Week!

We're doing our part to celebrate Small Business Week here at Advanced Insurance Management. We do a lot of work helping small employers reduce the cost of their Workers Comp insurance by finding and correcting underwriting and auditing errors by insurance companies, and today we got word from one of those small business clients of happy news due to our efforts.

This small business out in the southwest Chicago suburb of Crestwood got official word today that a $25,000 refund is coming their way, thanks to our efforts on their behalf. And this is only the first installment, as we are still working to produce additional refunds from another five past insurance companies for this same small business.

I know these folks were a little skeptical when we first approached them about our premium recovery services. As it often is, it was a brand new concept, the idea that someone could recover money back for them out of their old Workers Comp policies.

Needless to say, they are believers now.

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