Thursday, January 8, 2015

Shameless, Stan Lee-Type Plug

When I was a kid, Stan Lee was the master of self-promotion over at Marvel Comics, then kind of an underdog to DC. Any way, this being January, the time of year when all good premium auditors are planning their annual extravaganza of field audits, I thought I would steal a page from Stan's old playbook and indulge myself in an unabashed self-serving plug for my book, Workers Compensation: A Field Guide For Employers.

The Field Guide explains everything business owners and managers need to know about Workers Compensation insurance audits, classifications, experience mods, and various and sundry other topics, including how to guard against and/or correct the common errors made by premium auditors that raise premiums unnecessarily.

You can find out more here, and even order a copy, if you so desire. Trust me, it contains enough valuable information that you'll count it as the best bargain you've ever found on Amazon.

There. Stan himself couldn't have done it better. Excelsior!

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