Friday, January 16, 2015

Florida Upholds WC As Exclusive Remedy

In a fairly important ruling, the Florida Supreme Court has upheld the "exclusive remedy" aspect of Workers Compensation in that state.  In Moreles v. Zenith Insurance Company, the court has now ruled that the exclusive remedy provisions of the law and the Employer Liability coverage form.
This is an important win for insurers and employers, not so much for the widow Morales. Florida is still wrangling with some other important court cases concerning Workers Comp, though, including the question of whether recent "reforms" shatter the grand bargain between employers and employees that rests at the heart of Workers Compensation that justifies the exclusive remedy doctrine.

Stay tuned, it seems there will be more to come on this subject. Although the Florida Supreme Court appears to have given a pretty clear notice here about how it views this dispute.

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